About cookies

Cookies are small text files that most websites store on the devices of users who access the Internet. The cookie itself does not contain or collect information. However, if it is read by the server along with a web browser, it can help the site perform more user-friendly services – for example, by remembering previous purchases or user account information. Only the server that sent the cookie can read and use this cookie. On a trustworthy website, cookies can enrich the experience. The interaction between the web user and the website is thus faster and easier with the help of cookies. Some concrete examples of the use of cookies:

for a better user experience of the website, we adjust the display of content to visitors according to past visits
to store choices when creating shortcuts and offers and comparing devices
on the parts of the websites where registration is required, we keep you registered
to identify your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone), which allows you to customise the display of content to your device
to monitor traffic, which allows us to check the effectiveness of the display of content and the relevance of ads and the continuous improvement of websites
certain services are necessary for the operation of certain services (e.g. online banks, online shops and other forms of e-commerce)

How to manage and disable cookies on a personal computer
The storage of cookies is under your complete control, as you can restrict or disable the storage of cookies in the browser you use. For information on cookie settings, select the web browser you are using.


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If you turn off cookies, some functions of the website may be disabled.