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Gonzaga is Slovenia's leading producer of office furniture and furniture for hotels and other residential spaces. We work with you from the initial drawing of the floor plan, all the way to the final installation. The end result is always the same – a product with which you are satisfied.


cepovan delavec gorisjki zbormiok uai

Local Cepovan carpenters establish a production of wooden products to rebuild homes that were destroyed during the war.


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Furniture factory Cepovan is one of the first in Slovenia to specialize in producing office furniture.


vsi katalogi 010 ArhivGonzaga obdelala Selekta predzadnja stran uai

The establishment of company GONZAGA.


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Gonzaga buys the factory in Cepovan and becomes the leading office furniture producer in Slovenia.


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Gonzaga builds a new Business centre, which is a home to their headquarters and a modern showroom.

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Our visions, our values and our goals

Our vision is to become a recognizable office furniture producer in EU and around the world, as well as establish a commercial network with our own trademark GONZAGA. To achieve this goal, we live and work by the values that are the most important to us: producing high-quality furniture, having a fair and responsible attitude towards our clients, partners and coworkers, as well as focusing on the development of new products which is based on constant observation of new office and work trends.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

We are doing everything in our power to keep the nature in Slovenia as unspoilt as possible – from the initial procurement of raw materials to the final installation of the produced furniture. We respect and abide by all environmental laws, we are FSC® certified (C137089), and we use all our left-over wood to heat or production plant with the use of the state of the art furnace which works with more than 90% efficiency and thus significantly lowering the amount of harmful emissions to the air. Our production is supported by modern technology for the production of high quality furniture which at the same time allows for a production process with a reduced impact on the environment.


We are lucky lo live in such a beautiful and clean country. Slovenia offers views of beautiful nature practically everywhere. This is why we do everything to keep it beautiful and unspoilt, since nature gives inspiration to our team as well as our visitors. Since the very beginning of our company, one of our priorities has been a fair and responsible relationship  to our clients, coworkers and other partners. This is what makes Gonzaga a trustworthy partner that with whom you can build a strong, safe and satisfying long-term relationship.


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